Job Genie


Hi, my name is Justin Wheeler and I'm great at helping high school, as well as college students find jobs. You can benefit from my services even if you're not in school. I can help anyone get a job opportunity in any field of work such as federal, retail, financial,entry level positions and much more. It is difficult finding a way to make money in a tough economy, but I can help you find that job opportunity you've been looking for. I can do the job searching for you with a résumé you give me, and email you all the jobs that have shown interest in setting up an interview! Another option is, I can make the résumé, send it back to your email, and you can test it in the job market yourself. Or I can write you're entire resume for you, put your résumé out in the job market, and send you back the results! I make my services very cheap because I believe it defeats the purpose of finding a job to make money, but you have to pay a large amount of money for the service. If you would like for me to make your résumé, email all your experiences (volunteer, programs, sports clubs, ect.), work experience, education, and references. Don't worry about it being organized or if you have little information, leave that to me. I will make a great resume for you, very quickly and efficiently. For purchasing, click on the contact us tab. Before you decide on a service, make sure you email me and tell me your service of choice, area you live, and desired area of work. Be sure to spread the word about my services.

Any small donation will be greatly appreciated for keeping my operation running. Thank you